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DRAFT | Non-exclusive Easy License | DRAFT

Take the Guesswork out of art licensing costs

Meaning that you can license an image up to 324sq-inches for a specific usage for a pre-determined fee, term and territory.

Request anEasy License (draft form).
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Include your (USA/Canada) telephone number if you want to talk, and I will get back to you - usually within one business day.

Easy License non-exclusive and/or POD Fees & Terms

Small Imprints, size up to 144sq-inches [366cm] (e.g. up tp 12"x12")

Medium Imprints, size, 145sq-inches up to 324sq-inches [823cm] (e.g. up to 18"x18")


Metal or Acrylic Special License

Gift Bag Special License

Calendars Exclusive License

About Non-exclusive Easy Licensing

Request anEasy License (draft form).

OPTION: Premium License:

Exclusive Licenses add a Premium of 17.5% to the foregoing non-exclusive Licensing Fees. Larger size images will be quoted per request, depending upon availability.


DRAFT | The attached .pdf files are for Review Only | DRAFT

Easy License Terms Agreement

General Terms Non-exclusive License - (common to all licenses):
Easy License Terms Agreement.pdf

Easy License Non-Exclusive Grant

Easy License Non-Exclusive Grant ", will be your payment invoice, and becomes effective only after credit of your payment to our account.
Easy License Non-exclusive Grant.pdf