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No-Surprises Licensing


No-surprises Licensing
Take the Guesswork out of art licensing costs

Meaning that you can license an image for a specific usage for a pre-determined fee, term and territory.

No-Surprises Licensing Fees

About No-surprises Non-exclusive Licensing

DRAFT | For Review Only

Non-exclusive License Terms Agreement

A two part written Agreement is provided for each Non-exclusive License. part 1: The Standard Form General Terms Non-exclusive License - (common to all licenses):
Part 2: Is a "Non-exclusive License Grant (link below is to a draft example) for Single Use of One Image", containing details such as image ID, quantity, and other information provided by you relative to your desired use of the artwork. We will email a draft to you for review, prior to completing the transaction.
Single Use License Grant draft.pdf no_surprises_license-grant-draft


OPTION: Traditional Royalty License