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Exquisite Appealing Floral Renditions by Dave Azzarello

Dave’s exquisite images are mostly unique floral renditions and a few other subjects.
Dave combines his formal training in visual arts and his love of printmaking into masterful fine art designs.
He says: “Any artwork can have meaning only in the imaginations of the humans that view them. I believe that, as a visual artist, my specific task is to create artworks that effectively engage and connect the individual viewer.

The art I create exhibits a visual rhythm through the use of relative size, color and placement of recognizable objects within each image. The resulting artwork appeals to the viewer because the pattern, or rhythm, that defines that image is pleasing to the human eye & brain.

We at ArtVisions are bringing David into our select coterie exactly for the reasons he describes above. He painstakingly creates pleasing art that immediately appeals. Art that can stand alone as a product, such as prints, calendars, and puzzles; or enhance a multitude of merchandise such as stationery items, table top, and home accent pieces.