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License Art by Barker

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About Barker Art

Colorful naif paintings of British life.


Naif paintings of British life by Gordon Barker, intended to grab people’s attention and take their imagination to another level. Paintings meant to be enjoyed, while engaging the viewer to see things that also evoke memories or concepts personal to them.
Gordon says; "The landscapes I paint are mostly ones that I’ve created in my imagination. I like to make each picture ‘busy’ so that every time someone looks at it they notice something else going on. I prefer bright vivid colours that grab people’s attention."

"The best thing about being an artist is that I start off with a blank white canvas or sheet or paper and gradually, as my imagination takes over the colours flow until I finish with a colourful, busy story. I am passionate about my creations, and as soon as I finish a painting I am already thinking of my next one. I never lose the desire to create another work of art."