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Please use the form below to email us & include a link to your website art gallery/catalog.
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For our purposes, an artist is a person who paints, or draws, or photographs.

An artist who wants to be an effective licensor, paints, or draws, or photographs to serve a market.

An artist who wants to be an effective licensor must stay on top of market trends (subjects/colors/styles and continuously be updating his/her portfolio with new on-trend art.

An artist who wants to be an effective licensor must be willing to take art direction from prospective clients, or from the Agent.

You must be a good communicator. You can start by using the comments box in the form below to tell us why you think your art should be considered for licensing and what products you envision using your art. We would also like to know a bit about what motivates you to create - not the usual "artists statement" stuff, but just an informal sentence or so. Think about it, we have to entice a potential customer to view your art. Words help... your art does not, "speak for itself". If you cannot communicate simple concepts and ideas about your art, then we (you and I), have already lost half of the marketing battle.

Successful "Gallery artists" may not be good licensing candidates. Artworks that perform well in an art gallery setting may not be suitable for products.

You must be comfortable knowing that art licensing serves a "profit margin driven" market - as exemplified by companies such as Walmart, and most department store, giftware, homegoods manufacturers, and their customers.

Can you deal with a market that for the most part, follows trends. Most retailers will not invest in unproven designs/concepts?

You must understand that art licensing is not...

You must understand that...

If you understand what is entailed in the art licensing business as described above, then please do complete the form below - be sure to include a link to a website where your art can be viewed. We must see your art in order to decide if it is suitable for our markets.

If you are not comfortable with the foregoing, then art licensing is not right for you. We must focus on Artists who will work hard to help us help you. It takes an investment by us of countless hours and thousands of dollars to get your art shown tp prospective licensees.

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Oct. 16, 2019



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