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License Art by DESIGNSTUDIO22


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About DesignStudio22 Art

Elegant minimalistic art & graphics replete with crisp details.

A treasure trove of production-ready concepts waiting just for you…
Sharp and stylish art featuring vibrant saturated colors and popular product-oriented motifs. Sophisticated, vintage-inspired floral line drawing artworks in pastel colors. Many images are held in reserve. So if you don't see what you want, just use the "Quick Question" link below to tell us what you want.

Studio designers have created delightful collections of design concepts:

Collection includes fashionable botanical motifs in designs that feature complex vibrant, color harmonies. Florals in vases and floral arrangements in bright spot colors, crisp graphics ready for production.
Most of the Design Studio's range of floral graphics and geometric motifs are designed with screen-printing in mind, and are prefect for stationary, craft paper and fabric.
Many of the graphic shapes are crisp & clearly defined, and a natural for Wall Decals & wall graphics, stickers, stamps and stencils.