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About Andre L. Milman


Andre Milman's art & designs suit a wide range of products.


Andre is an artist, designer, professor, author and entrepreneur. He is experienced all phases of Fashion Design, from production to management.

His sophisticated geometric repeats in variety of novel but trendy color harmonies are perfect for gift wrap, giftware, party goods, wallpaper, textiles, stationary and a wide range of home fashion items. Vector-based artwork can be easily used on large surfaces such as oversized murals and wall decor of any size

Andre's hand painted or digital artworks are perfect for mugs, home fashion, giftware and stationary, and fashion items.

He was born in the former Soviet Union, and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in industrial design, specializing in textile and apparel design. Past experience includes managing the leading Fashion House in the Republic of Armenia; first as an Art Director and then as Design Center CEO.

Andre conducted research in the field of art and design theory and successfully defended his PhD dissertation at the All-Russia Research Institute for Industrial Design.

He is currently publishing and marketing a series of books about Fashion Design and Apparel Design.