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Featured Artist ~ Gordon Barker

Colorful Naif Paintings Of British Life.

Paintings of British life by Gordon Barker are intended to grab your attention and take your imagination to another level. These paintings are meant to be enjoyed, while engaging the viewer to see things that also evoke memories or concepts personal to them.

Gordon says; "The landscapes I paint are mostly ones that I’ve created in my imagination. I like to make each picture ‘busy’ so that every time someone looks at it they notice something else going on. I prefer bright vivid colours that grab people’s attention."

"The best thing about being an artist is that I start off with a blank white canvas or sheet or paper and gradually, as my imagination takes over the colours flow until I finish with a colourful, busy story. I am passionate about my creations, and as soon as I finish a painting I am already thinking of my next one. I never lose the desire to create another work of art."

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Art Licensing

ArtVisions' Traditional rights royalty license provides for exclusive or non-exclusive rights, depending upon your needs. If you want exclusive rights, we verify that the image is not currently licensed under an ArtVisions Rights Managed (RM) agreement.

Traditional rights licenses require a small advance fee, include North American rights (upgradable to world-wide), a two year term, defining your product use, and a percent royalty on sales of the art.

ArtVisions™ Traditional Royalty License Terms

Duties as Artist Agent

Your licensing agreement will be between you and the Artist.

ArtVisions™ acts as sole Agent for our Artists. We handle all administrative duties on behalf of the Artist, including - but not limited to - negotiations, royalty payments, royalty reports, digital delivery of art files, and notices & requests.

ArtVisions™ Duties as Artist Agent

Typical Art and Design Product Uses

For example, stationery, wall decor, giftware, living room, table top, and kitchen items.

Typical Art and Design Product Uses