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CATRU Greetings

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About CATRU Art

Carina Povarchik, aka “CATRU”, is a Published illustrator who has recently illustrated 2 children’s books and is currently working on a third book project.

She graduated from college with a bachelor in Educational Technologies; and teaches computer programming at college in Argentina. Nearly 10 years ago she started drawing and creating her own personal style in digital art. After years working as a self-taught artist, she has now completed formal art training.

She says, “My inspiration is beauty and love in all its forms and the fascinating world of fantasy and children’s illustration. My goal is to be able to uplift someone’s mood and put smiles on faces through my art. That fills my soul.”

Dignan “Inspirations”

About Dignan Art (and Pointillism)

The unique pen and ink colorful landscape art of Lawrie Dignan beautifully depicts the wonder of the rugged regions of his native British Columbia (and a few other worldly regions as well). Lawrie’s incredibly vivid imagery – sureal realism – contains elements of Linearism, Pointillism & Stippling executed with technical virtuosity and sensitivity to the ever-shifting play of light.

His bold line work contrasts marvelously with the soft hues of his own special palette of colors, resulting in whimsical, yet inspiring pen and ink images of tree-lined mountains, valleys, and coastlines.


The “Point” of Pointilism – slightly tongue in cheek:

In geometry, a POINT is “an undefined term.” This inexplicable thing is further undefined as “having no dimensions: no length or width.” This thing, with no limits and indescribable, helps to describe space. Space is a set of all points.

ART, unlike math, can define a point. Artists illustrate a point in space by drawing a dot. Artists, whose goal is to define and explain the space of our lives, use many dots: dots that float and drift in space, that coalesce into planes, shapes and forms defined by the values created when dots exists side by side.

  • POINTILLISM is a drawing technique using dots that blend together when seen at a distance.
  • POINTILLISM is a metaphor for life. We need to step back, sometimes, to get it’s POINT.


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