Why ArtVisions?

Why ArtVisions?

— Why ArtVisions? — We Are Our Artists!

Our job is to promote and deliver outstanding art and design to our licensees, on time and as specified. Our reward is having fun doing what we love and sharing benefits of our efforts with our artists. Your (licensee) successes will further enhance ArtVisions’ reputation and that of our artists.

We love art and we delight in working with artists and licensees to help them meet their goals.


— Why ArtVisions? — Mission

Art Licensing. Artvisions’ mission is helping licensees & artists maximize their revenue potential. ArtVisions’ carefully curated licensing collection of appealing market-ready art and design means quick and easy selection; translating to cost and schedule savings. Artworks & designs are suitable for a wide range of products including: leisure & hobby; home decor; tabletop & room accents; textiles; stationery and giftware items.


— Why ArtVisions? — We Keep it simple

we understand the “business of business”, as well as the “business of art”. Our creative approach, imagination, knowledge, and business experience encourages efficient and respectful relationships between artists needs and our licensees’ requirements.

ArtVisions’ straight-forward license agreement format makes it easy to select and license art in a hurry. Major publishers and other licensees just love our easy to use license & grant forms.

Our creative approach, imagination, knowledge, and business experience encourages efficient and respectful relationships between artists needs and our licensees’ requirements

Our licensing agreements are well written and conform to industry standards. As you are likely aware, poorly written agreements can lead to problems downstream (for either side) – we concisely set-forth licensing and business terms, thereby minimizing the downside potential for our licensing arrangements.


— Why ArtVisions? — Experienced

Founded in 1993, ArtVisions’ website, www.artvisions.com, is one of the top ranked fine art licensing sites on the Internet. The founder, Neil Miller is an accomplished professional with an extensive background in world-wide sales, marketing, intellectual property licensing, and management consulting for small businesses.

Miller has over 35 years writing, negotiating & managing intellectual property agreements (software, technology and art) with clients world wide – giving both the artist and the licensee confidence that copyrights will be cleanly documented, and that business terms will be reasonable and fair to all parties.

He has been involved with promoting the careers of approximately 200 artists and other small business clients during the past 20+ years. During this time he also served as an advisor to the board of directors of a local fine arts organization and operated a small art gallery for a [very] short time.


— Why ArtVisions? — Licensee Services

To our Publisher & Manufacturer friends… downsizing?

Please consider ArtVisions as a supplement to your in-house art department. Our artists designers are proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as traditional methods. Please use the Contact link below to get in touch with a brief description of your needs.


— Why ArtVisions? — Licensee Benefits:

  • Increased sales potential for your products
  • Significantly reduced sourcing time via rapid internet download facility for digital artmasters
  • Rapid turn-around of licensing terms helps you meet delivery objectives
  • Consistent and reliable service – ArtVisions has twenty-plus years experience serving the art-world

And, ultimately, an improved bottom line for you… and an enhanced reputation for us!



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