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Featured Artists

Calendar - Cowboys at Work

Calendar - Cowboys at WorkArt of The West, 2016 calendar design concept featuring superb photos of the American cowboy tradition. Cowboys at work - Photography by Alton Vance. ArtVisions™ art licensing "Image Selection 2015" is the end of the trail for your Western and Southwest Art search journey. In this case, a magnificant calendar celebrating the working cowboys of the American Southwest. Additional artworks can be selected from our extensive catalog of Western photographic images for your use on stationery products, wall coverings, calendars, puzzles, giftware, [more]

Matson - A Touch of Whimsey

Matson - A Touch of WhimseyJan is an Australian artist who loves the color of the landscape, the beach, animals and flowers. She says, "As I paint, the images appear as if by magic." She continues; "I love the way my paintings ...seem to grow and take on a life of their own. My animal paintings for example, will start with a few lines loosely painted on board, then thick, luscious oil paint is added, moulded and sculpted with a palette knife until it raises off [more]

Milman Design

Milman DesignMilman Design creates original digital & hand-painted art with an emphasis on textile, print and surface designs for the leisure, home and paper markets. Design lines include specialized collections for table top, kitchen textiles, bed & bath textiles and bath accessories; fashion accessories, and a broad selection of designs for paper goods. Andre Milman has a broad and deep understanding for commercial service requirements and manufacturer's needs for reliable professional trend-led designers; and he is acutely aware of current and emerging trends, [more]

Jaime Olaya

Jaime OlayaEthnic Art by Jaime Olaya Fantastic colorful art populated by exotic Latin women similar to those of Rivera, exemplify the striking art of Jaime Olaya. His bold colorful paintings embody his admiration for the inner strength and quiet dignity of Latin American women and for their sensitivity and tenderness. Since moving to the US, Olaya’s art has been licensed by major publishers, and has been featured in Galleries from Miami to Seattle. Images on this page are illustrated as a possible 2016 calendar. ArtVisions™ [more]

Cooking Divas - Ivanova

Cooking Divas - IvanovaCooking Divas by Irina V. IvanovaBeautiful people, with a dose of fashion mannerism, inspired by fashion illustration and fashion adverting imagery. The stylish look of these Cooking Divas is reinforced by sharp, almost minimalistic visual style. These fashionable Cooking Divas in their high heels & tall toques are a perfect fit for a wide variety of products: stationery items, calendars, greeting cards, note cards, journals, notebooks, notecubes, textile items, t-shirts, jewelry, pajamas, scarves, home décor items, coasters, coffee cups, coffee mugs, [more]

Theodorable Bear

Theodorable BearNew collection by Karen bates, Throdorable Bear [see below for more] is available for licensing. These cute, cuddly little guys are perfect for t-shirts, posters, calendars, prints, wall art, aprons, cards, gifts bags, and "skins" for iphones, ipads and similar personal electronics. Images are presented here as a possible 2016 calendar. THIS is what we mean when we say "art becoming products". For more information, or to license art, please Contact Us. Selected Images from the Throdorable Bear Collection   [more]

Radack Art & Design

Radack Art & DesignDiane Radack Art & Design   Diane's background as a floral designer as owner of her successful floral and craft business is key to her expert use of color and to her ability to create strong designs. Additionally, her years of teaching art to high school students were fundamental to her versatility in the use of a wide range of art materials and approaches to creating her designs. She says, "I have spent my life designing with flowers and working in [more]

David Kelley Art

David Kelley ArtDavid Kelley Art ABOUT DAVID KELLEY David has worked a full career as an artist which includes working as a graphic and book designer, a scientific and medical illustrator, a creative and sports photographer, a printmaker and a painter. Now, he is making his wonderful designs available for licensing. David says: "I've always been a painter and have found that my experiments provide the foundation to better enable me to solve problems as a designer. Working in different mediums always gives new [more]

Irina V. Ivanova Art

Irina V. Ivanova ArtIvanova Art   Irina’s years of experience as a designer in the fashion industry, first as a leading artist, and later as the art director of a fashion house, gives her a practical appreciation of markets and trends. Her experience and her savvy design sense make her art a sure-fire winner. ArtVisions™ is proud to be exclusive licensing agent for Irina V. Ivanova. For more information, or to license art, please use the Contact Form.     [more]

Lawrie Dignan Art

Lawrie Dignan ArtLawrie Dignan's incredibly vivid imagery contains elements of Linearism, Pointillism & Stippling executed with technical virtuosity and sensitivity to the ever-shifting play of light. Lawrie's art reminds me of images by Eyvind Earle - in fact Lawrie pays homage to Eyvind as a source of inspiration for his unique style. Lawrie's exquisite pen and ink landscape art beautifully depicts the wonder of his native British Columbia (and a few other worldly regions as well) with the soft hues of his own [more]

Viki Horat

Viki HoratViki graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in microbiology and worked in research while raising her children. Now she devotes the majority of her time to her first love - painting. She is an alumnus of Gage Art Academy in Seattle, Washington. Viki is a juried member of Northwest Watercolor Society and Watercolor West and on the board of the Artist’s council at the Palm Springs Museum. Viki has exhibited her work in art shows [more]

Mark Waller

Mark Waller Mark Waller - painter of magic moments. After several years in the workaday world, Mark realized that he was meant to be an artist - he understood that, seemingly just out of reach, is another world. A magical place of insignificant events and places - magic that passes unnoticed in our workaday scramble for survival. The paradox is that these simple events and places have a complexity and power beyond imagination. They can transform our reality. This is the area in which [more]

Jeremy Holton

Jeremy Holton Before becoming a full-time artist, Jeremy Holton held technical management positions for global companies in England and Australia.  His paintings are popular with publishers and are used in book covers published by the Australian Broadcasting Commission, Michigan University Press and CD albums. Jeremy's subject matter is mainly landscapes, florals and coastal scenes eloquently capturing the colors and contrasts of Australia.   [more]

Lee Peterson

Lee Peterson About Lee Peterson Lee says it best in his own words: "My vision of life is a dream and I can use photography to reveal those dreams. My photographic translations can last for years and never seem to be finished. They seem to evolve as I progress... He continues, "My photography can be categorized into many styles; street photography and abstract concepts, travel, nature, commercial and advertising, also highly technical styles where custom lenses or set-ups are required. I love the diversity [more]

Gigi Hoeller

Gigi Hoeller Canadian artist, Gigi Hoeller is a prolific painter, her varied body of work includes intricate abstracts, multicolored landscapes and eye-catching "macro florals". "Macro florals" being what we call "Hearts of Flowers" Gigi has formal art training, including specialized studies at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design as well as the Studio Art Program at Capilano College. ArtVisions™ fine art licensing is proud to be exclusive licensing agent for Gigi Hoeller. For more information, or to license art, please use the Contact [more]

Karen Bates

Karen Bates Since graduating with honors from Maryland Institute, College of Art, Karen Bates has enjoyed a successful career as a professional artist. Living and working as a full-time artist in New York City, her kudos include Garment Center recognition for her best selling screen print art. "She really understands what sells, and what the trends will be." Combining award winning creative art with a professional attitude, she is a delight to work with: “I love the entire process and variety of being [more]

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