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Ivman Art 003-018

Ivman means; “sophisticated contemporary interpretations of floral, botanical and abstracted cityscape motifs more: Ivman Art

Art licensing and Design Solutions

Artworks have been especially selected from our exclusive catalog of images for your use on Table Top / Home Accent, decor products, murals, wallcoverings, calendars, puzzles, giftware, table-top, home-accent, cards, note cards, textiles and prints.

Artwork Themes Sorted by Artist

  • Karen Bates - tropical art, coffee, ethnic, seasonal and holiday paintings, whimsical teddy bears
    • teddy bears
    • coffee
    • tropical
    • holidays
  • CATRU - happy colorful contemporary images, ideal for children
    • fantasy birds
    • circus
    • sewing
    • repeat patterns
    • children/children's
  • DesignLine22 - outstanding pattern & print designs
    • repeat patterns
    • textile designs
  • DesignStudio22 - surface design graphics
    • floral graphics
    • graphic patterns
    • color block graphics
  • Lawrie Dignan - intricately detailed pointilist landscape designs
    • landscape
  • Gigi Hoeller - striking floral graphic paintings
    • floral/graphic
  • Jeremy Holton - luminous floral art and landscape paintings
    • floral
    • boats
  • Viki Horat - whimsical, colorful floral art, food good enough to eat, cocktails, wine, dogs and golf
    • food
    • floral
    • pets
    • golf
  • Irina Ivanova - fashion art, figurative art featuring stylish women enjoying an afternoon apéritif; cute children cooks, adorable kittens, astrology/zodiac, fashionable fairies
    • fashion
    • children/children's
    • astrology/zodiac
    • fantasy/fairies
  • Ivman Design - impressive abstracts
    • abstract
    • patterns
  • David Kelley - fabulous graphic art and illustration
    • children/children's
    • fish
    • sports
  • Jan Matson - beach and coastal; farm animals, European scenes, luscious deserts
    • beach
    • food
    • animals/fish
    • European cityscapes
  • Andre Milman - striking bold graphic abstracts, attractive decor solutions
    • abstract
    • repeat patterns
  • Jaime Olaya - richly colorful paintings capturing the vibrancy of Latin American women in exotic market scenes. ...loaded with bright colors.
    • Latin American women
    • Latin American Scenes
  • Lee Peterson - landscape, seascape photography, repeat pattern themes, abstracted objects
    • landscape
    • seascape
    • floral
    • abstract
  • Alton Vance - southwest and western scenic landscapes and coastal photography, western/cowboy themed photography
    • American west
    • southwest
    • national parks
    • cowboys
  • Mark Waller - lovely impressionistic sea coast beaches and tropical plants, Angels galore
    • seascape
    • coastal
    • deep sea creatures
    • tropical flora
    • angels
  • Erin Williams - art suitable for children's party goods, valentine art, patterns
    • figures
    • children's


Info for Artists - Outline: What is Art Licensing


Art Licensing Defined

Art Licensing is a way to covert Art Making into a Business


Art Licensing – What, Who, When, How

Manufacturers want to license art to use on their products. But what does it take for artists get their work seen and acted-upon by licensing decision-makers?


Art licensing – in it’s details – can be a rather complex beast. It can involve complicated contracts, convoluted financial terms, guarantees regarding copyrights (from both parties), territory, length of license term and other factors.


None of which will ever come into play unless the artist can find someone willing to risk the up-front investment needed to produce the product incorporating (and whose success depends upon) the artwork.


An image may be great, but if the artist is not a productive salesperson, then it is unlikely that the artwork will make it onto a licensed product.


WHAT – here’s what you need to start licensing your art:

  • A clear understanding of what licensing is and how it works, to serve as a basis for positioning your art for this lucrative market.
  • A Strategic Plan, including Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives.
  • A Professional appearing, quick loading, easy-to-navigate web site.
  • A well-crafted introductory email.
  • An Artists Brand.
  • Reliable web hosting reflecting your brand.
  • An Unique Selling Proposition (tied to your brand).
  • A thorough understanding of copyright ownership in terms of licensee requirements…


  • you need to know who to contact…


  • you need to know when to submit art, which means understanding the client’s design-to-sales cycle…


  • you need to know how to present the art for review…
  • you need to know how to sell yourself and your art in order to gain a license…
  • you need to know how to determine if a license is a “good license”…
  • …which means you need to know how to read a license agreement (contract); or be prepared to pay an Intellectual Property (IP) attorney or other appropriate business management professional to do it for you.
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