Easy Art Licensing

Take the guesswork out of your art licensing costs. Easy Licensing is a Non-exclusive hybrid of Rights Managed licensing, with a few traditional licensing add-ons, for example some items, such as Giftbags, have a (very) small per unit sold royalty and also offer an exclusive variant. Most other products have only a one-time fee. Another difference is that all Easy Licenses grant world-wide use. Meaning that if you can deliver it anywhere in the world your Easy License has you covered!

You can license a specific quanty of an image for use anywhere in the world for a pre-determined fee. By knowing up-front what the costs will be, it is easy to budget while supporting your goal of producing high quality items incorporating a wide variety of imagery, giving your products the potential to make a greater impact in a competitive marketplace.

Traditional Art Licensing

ArtVisions has been offering both exclusive and non-exclusive traditional licensing since the 1990's.

Exclusivity – by purchasing an exclusive license for art, you gain assurance that your competitors are locked-out from using the same image on a competing product.

Flexibility – by licensing art from ArtVisions, you get access to a wide variety of art that you might not be able to create with a group of in-house artists.

Cost savings – when you license art, you pay the artist based on how well the product sells. So while your expense can vary, your licensing costs are always directly related to the income from sales of your product.

Design Support – many ArtVisions artists are able to work with your graphics team to get the art just right; saving you the labor expense of having your own graphics team doing the work, or at least lighten the load on your in-house team.

Media includes oil/acrylic paintings, watercolors, oil pastels, and photography. All have been digitized and will be provided in RGB TIF Format