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ArtVisions™ Traditional Royalty License Terms

A Traditional Royalty License provides for exclusive or non-exclusive rights, depending upon your needs and image availability for exclusive use - we check to assure that the image is not currently licensed under a Rights Managed (RM) agreement.

Traditional licenses entail an unique agreement customized for your needs. Traditional rights licenses require a small advance fee, include North American rights (upgradable to world-wide), a two year term, defining your product use, and a percent royalty on sales of the art.


ArtVisions™ Duties as Artist Agent

Your licensing agreement will be between you and the Artist.

ArtVisions™ acts as sole Agent for our Artists. We handle all administrative duties on behalf of the Artist, including - but not limited to - negotiations, royalty payments, royalty reports, digital delivery of art files, and notices & requests.


Typical Art and Design Product Uses

For example, stationery, wall decor, giftware, living room, table top, and kitchen items.

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