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ArtVisions is adding a Rights Managed (RM) business model. The new fast, easy and simple RM licensing is in addition to ArtVisions more traditional, exclusive, art licensing services.

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Rights Managed (RM) Art Licensing from ArtVisions is fast, easy, economical, and a well defined way to license marketable art. Fees and Terms are clearly stated before you commit; meaning no wasted time between choosing an image and it's delivery.

Licensee’s payment confirms their acceptance of all terms and conditions of the license. Payment in full by the licensee is required prior to releasing the image. Once the advance license fee is paid, there are no other requirements for royalty payments during the license term.



Traditional Royalty License. You have the option to request exclusive rights, depending upon image availability for exclusive use.

Exclusive rights licenses entail an unique agreement, an advance fee, and other terms resulting in a higher overall cost than the non-exclusive RM License



LOD - License On Demand - a form of Print On Demand whereby you "rent" the use of several web quality jpegs for one year at a very low unit price for "catalog" use on your website. If/when you get an order, simply request and pay for a RM license. Giving you an easy, simple and inexpensive way (pennys per image/year) for you to offer a lot of art without taking on financial exposure. We have already produced lo-res images for use on our own website, so our expense is limited to documentation prep and reconfiguring images for LOD use.



A. Rights Managed (RM) licensing means that you can license an image for a specific usage on one commercial product (a single SKU), for a one year term with world-wide rights, as well as options to expand term up to three years. Fees vary, depending upon the number of imprints desired for to any imprint size up to 324"sq. (18" x 18"). Larger sizes will be quoted upon request. A standard written Agreement is provided for each RM License.

B. Exclusive rights licenses are drafted on a case-by-case basis, but typically include an advance fee, a three year minimum term, North American rights (upgradable to workd-wide), and the greater of a minimum quarterly fee or a percent royalty on sales.

C. All licenses require an advance fee

D. Deliverable: RGB tiff digital file @ minimum resolution of 180ppi. NOTE: most files are @ higher resolution - up to 300ppi



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